Here are some actions you can do to ease your transition to a new position and establish a positive reputation at work.

Don’t Get Frustrated if Things Don’t Go Perfectly
  • Don’t let things get you down. Be patient and don’t expect things to be all set up and ready for you when you start.
  • Never assume your email or internet use is private. Most companies have an administrator who can check all electronic communications. Make your email responses brief and to the point, and always double-check spelling and grammar before sending. Remember, there are times when a conversation (in person or by phone) may be a better option.
Dress Appropriately
  • Dress is a key component to consider when looking to make a positive workplace impression. You can determine how to dress (casual, formal) from coworkers, general company culture, or written company dress code.
Be Teachable and Flexible
  • In today’s fast paced, fluid work environment, it is important to learn and adapt quickly and easily. Even though you may have concerns, voice them in a calm matter-of-fact manner rather than in a panic mode.
Think before You Speak
  • It is easy to get into the habit of saying, “This is how we did it at my last company.” This phrase can act as a barrier to being accepted into your new position, since it seems that you are still connected to your last employer. It is time to let go of the past and get on board with how things are done at your new place of employment. If you have a suggestion try, saying, “Have we considered doing it this way…?”
Be the First in and Last to Leave
  • People notice when you arrive and when you leave. This can influence how people perceive you even more than what you get done while at work. Get to work early and stay late as a way to demonstrate that you care about your job and that you want to learn and get up to speed as quickly as possible. Once you prove to your peers and manager that you are competent, you should have greater flexibility with your schedule.