Your Skills

If you are not sure of your current skill levels, it is time to find out! Below are two skill assessments that can assist you in determining your current skill and see your strengths and areas for development.

Skills Profiler

Are you interested in assessing your transferable skills to identify skills that you could use in your next role? Click here to take a Skill Profiler Assessment.

IBM Assess

Have you taken the time to assess your current skills?

  • How many words per minute can you type?
  • Are your programming skills up to par?
  • Will you be able to pass a skills assessment or technical interview?

We can provide you with access to over 1300 assessments so that you can assess your current skills.

Whether you have a background in finance, technical, clerical, software, industrial or healthcare, there are relevant assessments available to test your skills. Click here to view the catalog and request assessments. (you need to be a registered NOVA Job Center member to access the assessments).